• Modular API

    Experience the unmatched flexibility of our API design.
  • Proprietary Trading Platform

    Market leading trading platform for hands-on traders.
  • Automated Trading System

    Automation from trade signal to execution.
  • Comprehensive Research Facilities

    From historical market data to execution simulation modeling.
  • Smart Order Routing Hub

    Here to ensure that you find the best price, lowest fees, and fastest executions.
  • Ticker Plant

    Aggregating, normalizing, consolidating, and distributing market data.
  • Proximity Hosting

    Co-located dedicated or virtual private server hosting.
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We have a strong focus in HPC technologies, such as Big Data, massively parallel computing, and heterogeneous networks. From optimizing portfolio risk exposure to improving our quantitative modeling & simulation environment through machine learning, parallel processing is ever expanding the boundaries of what we believe is possible to compute.



Over the last decade automated trading has become a mainstay of the US equity and future markets.  We here at Lynx have been building and testing automated trading strategies since 2002.  Our success comes from a intimate understanding of how to effectively integrate well-formed quantitative strategies with the latest in low latency infrastructure.  From sophisticated order entry & execution algorithms managed by traders to fully automated black-box strategies Lynx helps traders take their ideas from inception to execution.



Lynx Capital offers API access down to the NIC hardware level.  By execution your code on chip instead of in CPU additional nanosecond of latency can be shaved by avoiding the OS/CPU stack.  While the massively superior parallel processing of the latest GPUs is enabling new and exciting analytics to be performed in real-time. 

Modular API

We provide multiple levels of Java/C++ API's to connect to our ticker plant, simulation environment, and execution services. 

 Research & Development

We provide a full set of market research facilities, from historical tick market data to an execution simulation model.

Proximity Hosting

You can use our platform to connect to all major market centers remotely or co-locate directly at the exchanges.

 Smart Order Routing

With our smart order routing system finding the liquidity desired at the best price available is a hands-free affair.