Direct Market Access

Bypassing intermediaries and riding Lynx Capital's low-latency network architecture and co-located environment ensures that your orders are routed to directly to the venue with the best price, most favorable fees, and with the liquidity you need.

Dark Pool Liquidity

In addition to the major exchanges Lynx provides order routing to over 20 different dark pools.

Ticker Plant

Lynx Capital's Ticker Plant offers the following market data services:

  • Raw market data aggregation
  • Market data normalization
  • Feed consolidation & distribution
  • On-demand historical market data retrievals

Proximity Hosting

Lynx Capital provides dedicated and VPS hosting colocated in datacenters with the matching engines of the major exchanges and dark pools --because when latency is measured in nanoseconds, feet really do matter.

High Performance Computing

When performing analytic computations on big data proves to be beyond the reach of even the best traditional enterprise IT technology we enlist the help of our HPC cluster and it's parallel computing power.  From optimizing portfolio risk exposure to improving our quantitative modeling & simulation environment through machine learning --parallel processing is ever expanding the boundaries of what we believe is possible to compute.