Proprietary Trading Platform

Our cutting-edge trading platform is fully customizable to deliver an exceptional trading experience. The solutions available are optimized for ultra-high frequency requirements vital in a local collocation environment. Algorithmic order entry is supervised by a clearing-certified pre-order risk management system.

Automated Trading System

 We provide a collection of uniquely modular and tiered APIs (C++/Java) for integrating your trading strategy into our environment.  The level at which your application interfaces with our systems is completely customizable to fit the requirements of a particular strategy or desired technological involvement.  

Smart Order Routing Hub

  Our smart order routing system provides access to dozens of dark pools and to all the major exchanges.  Routing algorithms are highly customizable and are uniquely tailored to each customer's varying liquidity and execution goals.  A great effort has been put into optimizing fees, all to gain more profit for the customers.

High-Frequency Trading Engine

Lynx Capital offers API access down to the NIC hardware level.  By execution your code on chip instead of in CPU additional nanosecond of latency can be shaved by avoiding the OS/CPU stack.  While the massively superior parallel processing of the latest GPUs is enabling new and exciting analytics to be performed in real-time.

News Trends & Signals

News, social-media, and trending topics monitoring, analysis, filtering, and signalling.

Order Flow : From Logic to Execution